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Meet Your Doula

My name is Amber Tapley.

My love of birth and babies has existed as long as I can remember, but became a passion and driving force after having my first child. 

I knew that it could be better. That birthing people could be more supported, better educated and have their voices heard.

Here in Cape Breton, we need doulas. We need pregnancy support. We need skilled, compassionate and loving birth professionals to change the landscape of what a healthy and happy birth can look like! 

Even I didn't know just how much of a calling birth work would be though, until a dear friend asked me to attend the birth of her child. 

I had no training. I was nervous.

I wasn't a doula but she had faith and she knew then what I didn't: that I could tap into a sense of calm and intuitive wisdom that would serve her (and all birthing people!) well. 

Since then, I have trained so much!

Educated and Certified by Bebo Mia, as a Maternal Support Practitioner, an Infant Sleep Educator and a Childbirth Educator! 

I have taken extra training in Perinatal and Pediatric Massage, so I can safely support you, your baby and your whole family with Registered Massage Therapy!  

With the thorough education I have had, I now serve all birthing people with up to date, evidence based information, hands on and emotional support. 

From conception to birth and beyond, I am here for you. 

With evidence based information and heart centered practices, I am here to walk with you, to embrace the mystery and magic and honour the sacred journey you are on, as you become parents!

Reach out today!

Now Taking Bookings for 2023!

Last Openings for 2022: October and November!

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