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Doula Support

Amber provides holistic care, education, support and love throughout pregnancy, labour and for six weeks postpartum. 
If you are seeking a calming and nurturing presence to walk with you on your journey, you are in the right place. 
Investment: 888$ (Includes Prenatal Education, Postpartum Planning and more), Labour and Delivery Support, and Postpartum Care (including weekly visits with nourishing food for optimal healing). 
Payment Plans are available.

Prenatal Visits

Our prenatal sessions are focused on discussing birth preferences, comfort measures, optimal fetal positioning and helpful labour practices. We discuss postpartum needs, infant sleep and creating a postpartum plan for a restful recovery. Registered Massage Therapy is also included in all packages to encourage relaxation and reduce discomfort.


Labour Support

Your doula will provide continuous physical and emotional support throughout the labour and delivery of your baby. 
Amber is an experienced, empathetic and calming presence to soothe, guide and support you and your birthing team.

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Postpartum Support

During your recovery, your doula will be available for breastfeeding support, overnight care, light housecleaning, emotional support, babywearing tips and infant sleep support! 
The postpartum period is one to be honoured and enjoyed. 
Your Doula is there for you, every step of the way.

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