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Are you interested in learning more about the birthing process and what you can expect throughout?
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A Community Gathering in Sydney, Cape Breton

Next Date: TBA

An event for all birth givers: past, present and future.

An event to reclaim the wisdom and strength that lie within the sharing of our experiences. 

It is time that we honour and share our stories. To enlighten each other, to educate each other, to release the burdens and joys of our childbirth journey. 

This will be a safe space to share your story and to hear others. An intimate experience of openness, honesty and vulnerability. 

Our stories deserve to be told. 

And heard. 

And passed on. 

Herbs for Pregnancy

How can herbs support your body, alleviate common concerns and enhance your pregnancy experience?

Date: TBA

Join Amber (RMT/Doula/Herbalist), member of United Plant Savers and the Nova Scotia Association of Herbalists, as she discusses safety, dosage and modes of preparation for a variety of herbs used in pregnancy for common concerns, skin care and nutrition!

Connect with your body, baby and plant allies and like minded folks! 


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