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Birthing In a Pandemic

I have avoided publishing this blog post for as long as possible but as the days stretch into weeks and we are entering our second month of isolation, the time has come.

The reassuring thing is that despite all that is happening, our bodies still know how to birth our babies! Some things never change.

This blog post is simply to share some of the updated changes at our local hospital and also to highlight some changes provincially and nationally to show how quickly our rights are birthing folks can be taken away.

As always, I feel obligated to sing the praises of our Labour and Delivery staff! They are working round the clock, in incredibly stressful times, facing drastic changes to their own jobs/responsibilities and showing up every day, for the birthing families! So a big giant Thank YOU to them!

So, the changes in policy at Cape Breton Regional Hospital pertaining to birth are:

1. Only 1 support person is allowed.

For those of you with a doula, know that we are working behind the scenes to get back in! We recognize the reasoning behind the decision. We also know the importance of our presence. In the meantime, many of us are offering virtual support for prenatals, labour and postpartum.

2. Nitrous Oxide will NOT be available as a pain management tool. Please reach out if you feel you need some extra support in preparing/learning comfort measures, etc!

3. If support person is showing signs of the virus, they will be sent home.

4. Support people are able to stay with birthing person on the Mom and Baby Unit, as long as they stay within the unit. Once they go out, they may not come back in. Food is provided. All other necessary items must be brought in, including car seat.

5. For appointments at the Perinatal Clinic, birthing person must come alone and enter through the front entrance.

Some provincial and national stories making headlines:

Please know, that even during times like these, you still have rights!

As a birthing person, you deserve to have a positive birthing experience, with a companion of your choice, to be treated with respect and dignity, to have the ability to move around and choose birthing positions and to be given time and space to make informed choices.

As always, if you need support, please reach out!

Many of my services are being offered online and as my energy and time allow, I will make videos to provide value and support in these stressful times!

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