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Golden Grace

Welcome to 2019!

We took a much needed detox from the online world to fully embrace and enjoy the holiday time!

True to my plans, we kept it as simple as possible with as much good food as we could manage, easy flowing potlucks and visits with friends and plenty of downtime in our pajamas, with movies and popcorn.

We left the city for 5 days to keep the fires going at our friend's farm and what a delightful reset it was!

Sometimes all you need is to step away from the technology, put on your boots and go hug a tree.

Grandmother Pine. One of the biggest White Pine trees I have ever seen. I have cultivated a relationship with her for years.

Time was spent reading, writing and processing the epicness of 2018!

In 2018, I served a dozen families as they grew their families or became parents for the first time!

I officially registered my business!

I bought a new car!

I am 2 steps away from being able to buy my first house!

I said YES! to love! (And then NO! to a relationship that doesn't suit the life I have created and the family I have grown!)

I have learned the parts of myself that need more light and the ways in which I can support them.

I grew my client base as a Registered Massage Therapist and received one of the best compliments ever!

From one of my most regular clients. The best compliment I could ever receive.

I said Yes!! to so many experiences and learned so fully how to say NO! to the ones that do not serve my highest self, my biggest dreams or my day to day ideals.

I have learned that setting boundaries is only problematic for the folks around you who do not like to respect yours!

At the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, I have no grandiose resolutions or ways in which I feel I need to change. Instead, I have decided that my focus of 2019 (and hopefully forever!) is to embody a sense of Golden Grace.

To be gentle and soft and accepting of who I AM.

To recognize the ways in which I am already exactly who I need to be!

To be graceful and compassionate with myself as I continue to learn life's lessons and grow into my lightest and truest self.

This will also spread to my children, my friendships and my work!

I recognize the journey and the seeds we plant take time to grow.

My sense of urgency has been soothed and calmed into a more focused sense of clarity and forward momentum.

Moving forward, expect consistent actions that grow and enhance the birthing culture in Cape Breton. That engage our sense of spirit, self and sacredness.

My mission is a life filled with awe, connection and passion led work!

Do you choose a word or phrase to focus on yearly?

What steps do you take to keep them in your mind?

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