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Meet Your Doula!

Hello, friend!

After six years of supporting families you can imagine just how many shifts and changes my work has undergone!

I wanted to do a quick refresh of what it looks like to be supported by ME on your perinatal journey!

Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm a wee bit radical, on the fringe of societal expectations and norms (both in work and life!) and a tad sassy but let me tell you all the ways in which that is exactly what some folks NEED in a birth companion!

The typical elevator pitch you will be familiar with regarding doulas is that we provide emotional, informational, and physical support.

Yes, I do all of that but there is so much more, especially after years of practice, dozens of families supported and many, many learning experiences!

Some things that shape the work I do:

My general perception of this world!

I am a firm anti-capitalist and a radical feminist.

I believe that our society's focus should be on protecting the Earth, honouring our birth givers and children and learning to live in tune with the natural world.

I am Queer and neurodivergent, have had my own experiences with giving birth and, without a doubt, this influences who I am and how I work!

I also spent years as a solo parent and entrepreneur and let me tell you: running a business hits differently when you NEED to succeed to feed your family!

How does this translate to the care I provide?

  1. I go above and beyond for my clients. It is hard to put a monetary value on the work I provide and I am often told that I give a lot for the price that folks pay. I want YOU to feel supported and loved, every step of the way! I know how it feels to NOT be!

  2. Finances are NEVER a barrier with me. NEVER. You want support? You get it. Pay what you can will always be an option for those who need it.

  3. I use inclusive language and do my best to not make assumptions about: how folks identify, what their family structure looks like or what they need!

  4. I am a FIERCE advocate for birthing people, reproductive rights and justice and am often using my loud voice to speak up!

As your doula, you can expect personalized and tailored care based on what YOU need.

Do you need 1 prenatal session to prepare or 6? You got it!

Do you need weekly postpartum visits immediately post birth or do you want to wait until the buzz has settled, family and friends have gone away and then you want your doula back? Done!

Do you want vegan or vegetarian food postpartum or foods for omnivores? Just say the word!

Things I do that are not typical of all doulas:

I will advocate for you! In the labour room if needed (and always with respect, compassion and kindness!) and outside the labour room too! I will email, call, contact the media, reach out to medical professionals and more to ensure that your needs are honoured and respected.

I am willing to attend medically unassisted home births.

(This has shifted dramatically since the first time I was asked. It used to be a hard no.)

I believe that every person has the right to decide where and how they give birth. My support does not change if you decide that a home birth with no medical professionals is what you want. I will still be your doula and provide the love, care and support you desire.

I often become friends with my clients.

I have heard that blurring lines between personal and professional is not a good idea but I have not found that to be true.

It makes perfect sense to me that when we go through these transformational times together, we create a bond that can last forever! I look forward to a day when we truly all return to a village model of care and living.

I work with folks for as long as they need! Some families have hired me BEFORE conception! 6 weeks of postpartum care is my baseline but if you need or want support for longer, you've got it!

I do NOT pretend to be non biased. I'm a human. Of course I have biases BUT I will tell you what they are and my support of you and your decisions is not based on those biases.

When folks ask for my opinion, I always clarify "Do you want my opinion as a professional or as a person?".

It has actually made my relationships with my clients BETTER when they know what I stand for or against in both my personal life and my professional one.

I use ALL my skills in a holistic way to provide you with the most thorough care. I can make plant medicine (have you tried my Nip, Nip, Hooray??), give massages, do energy work and more!

If you are considering becoming pregnant or already are, hire a doula! You will not regret it!

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