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Parenting With Adult ADHD

Last summer I began deeply researching ADHD after years of suspecting that my eldest may have some signs of it.

Interestingly enough, I realized that I also had many signs and symptoms! I learned that ADHD often presents itself differently in female bodies and is often overlooked/misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all!

Many of the things in my life that had proven to be challenges and what I had always assumed to be a lack of discipline or character flaws, could actually be signs and symptoms of a brain that functions a little bit differently.

My lack of organization

My sensitivity to external stimuli: sounds, lights, experiences

My inability to manage the home, go to work, parent calmly, etc.

My anxiety

My constant busy brain

Recently I had a huge decision for me. I have spent a lifetime studying and using natural remedies, alternative healing methods and attempting to cope with my busy brain and busy children just all became too much.

I wasn't remembering to take my supplements or drink my teas.

I was finding it hard to create space to meditate and breathe.

I was finding the constant noise of social media, a stressed out world and life in general as a parent and business owner too much, all the time.

I decided to make the leap and try pharmacutical medication to see if that would help me.

As a mother, as a person and as a business owner, it is one of my missions to ensure that every person has the tools to live their best life. Not just to survive but to thrive! (And I deserve that too!)

I have spent the last few days taking a new medication and for the first time, in years, possibly ever, I feel truly grounded.

I can be present in moments that would have overwhelmed me before and not feel anxious or ragey or irritable.

I can calmly do the tasks that need to be done.

My dishes are clean

My house is clean(ish).

My kids are filling me with more pleasure.

I am not obsessing over every word I say.

I am focused on doing the things that spark my joy, that fill my heart and fulfill my life's purpose.

My mind feels quiet (but not in the ways that I worried about. I am still able to think, articulate my thoughts and feel the same passions I normally do)

It is so much easier to tolerate the noisiness of the outside world when the inner is quiet.

This blog post is just a reminder that our self care is important.

That it will look differently at different stages in our lives and that there are a spectrum of available tools and they can all be useful.

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