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Reflections of a Year Well Lived (and Dreams for the Year to Come)

This time of year between holidays is always a time of quiet (I mean, relative quiet, I do have kids after all) and reflection.

Over the years I've changed from setting New Year's Resolutions to instead doing a thorough evaluation of the past year.

What worked.

What didn't.

What I am proud of.

What I am not.

I also spend time planning and dreaming and writing out big dreams for the next year! Which seems particularly epic since it's also a new decade! It marks my 10 year anniversary of living in Cape Breton, land of my dreams and where I have become more of the person I wanted to be than ever before.

I wanted to share some of the year's highlights and lowlights and some of next year's adventures with you!

Some things from 2019 that I am damn Proud of:

1. The Creation of this!!!

A mindful mix of Science and Spirit! My unique 6 week series designed to nurture both the mind and body and aid in preparing for Childbirth and Parenting! I ran this course twice and then took a break to let it sit and simmer and I am so excited to announce that it is coming back in March of 2020!!!! (Backed up by even more doula experience AND a brand spanking new training under my belt from the ever incredible Bebo Mia, with their Childbirth Educator Certification! )

2. I became nearly entirely self employed!!! This year brought many changes, one of which being that I left my full time position at Revive (with some sadness because it was so lovely and I am so grateful that I had the time I had there!).

By making that change, I opened up more time for both my massage clients and my doula clients!! This allows me more time for prenatal education, postpartum care and more babies!!

I also took a part time position at the amazing Oceanview Wellness Centre (Totally run by brilliant boss babes and filled to the brim with awesome!). This position allows me to branch out and offer my services to more folks on the island AND spend time in the charming town of St. Peter's. (I am accepting doula clients from that area so please spread the word!)

3. I completed so much education and training!! In 2019, I completed:

A Two day Prenatal Massage Course, adding me to the ranks of only 2 other therapists on the island with this training!!

Maternal Support Practitioner Certification (AKA Doula!): Yes, I have been working as a doula for 3 years and my training was completed in 2017 but it took me years to finish my book reports and exams! In that time, I attended over 20 births, have made some lifelong connections, improved the care I provide and am fully prepared to do this work forever!

I completed my Level One Reiki Training (this was a recert) in Goddess Fire Reiki! This training came at the perfect time, as I feel a deepening connection to the Divine and an awareness of how my connection impacts my work, my love, my life and all.

I am still working on my Infant Sleep Educator Certification! (Almost done!)

4. I started a BY DONATION Prenatal Massage Clinic! This was a long standing dream of mine to provide my services for folks who feel a financial burden from accessing quality care from well trained professionals. Next Date is January 20th!

5. I made an intentional decision to become a more conscious business owner and focus on the relationships formed, rather than just the services offered. For my doula clients, this means that we spend more time together, the postpartum period is treated as sacred and important and I now take a couple of months off throughout the year, to allow me the ability to focus that same love and intention on my family. This does NOT mean that I am necessarily taking less clients, but that I am creating more space for the ones that I have. I recognize that there is a doula for every client, but that might not always be me (and vice versa!) The relationships that have formed since making that decision have been incredibly inspiring, enriching and for life and I am grateful!!

Some things that didn't work or that need more attention from me or big lessons:

1. Website/Blog Maintenance! I vowed to post often and update often and you know what, I just didn't. I love to write though and I will be aiming to increase my informative, entertaining and educational posts in the future!

2. As always, it is a work in progress for me to make adequate time for true self care. I have made huge improvements but it is still/always will be an area of focus!

3. Event Hosting/Promotion. I am still learning how to best promote events and offerings and get folks out! (Although I also trust that the right people show up at the right times. I want to make sure that all the right people are seeing the possible events/gatherings/offerings so they can say yes!)

4. I am not for everyone.

One big lesson for me this year is learning how to stay kindly, with compassion but with an unwavering commitment to my truth, growth, self, in my own lane. To focus on my own offerings and the work I do and to trust in it's value and necessity.

Some Dreams for 2020:

So, I divide my year up into trimesters (#birthnerd).

I want to share my plans for the First Trimester (January to March)

I am completing my Childbirth Educator Certification and I am so excited to enhance my offerings in regards to my Prenatal Education Series, Science and Spirit!

Attending 3-5 births! Woooooot!

In March, I will be hosting Science and Spirit for expecting folks! I love this series so much and I can't wait to re-release it!!

Some Personal Dreams:

To be Debt Free by the end of year! (Other than my car loan)

To Spend waaaaaaaay more time outside in nature! (I joined a 1000 hour Outside Challenge! I can't wait!)

To increase my patience and practice conscious/positive/playful parenting far more!

To continue with the work we have started to create an Eco Village in Cape Breton!! This is a big one!!

And so many more!! I still have a lot of vision board creating, Oracle Card consulting and meditating to do before and during the new year!

How about you? Do you take time to reflect and plan? Are you a New Year's Resolution kind of person?

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