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The Benefits of Massage

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

As a Registered Massage Therapist and Doula, you can well imagine that Prenatal Massage is one of my favorites!

There are so many incredible benefits to massage before, during and after our bodies birth a baby and I am here today to spread the word!

We all know that massages are relaxing and soothing to the body but do you know all of the conditions and symptoms that a good massage can treat?

During pregnancy, as the ligaments relax and loosen ( due to the hormone relaxin), it can put extra stress on our joints and musculo-skeletal structures.

A massage from a well trained massage therapist can assist in alleviating that stress and the muscular discomforts that come as well.

Have you experienced Lower Back Pain, Sciatic Pain, Stiffness, Tension, Headaches, Leg Cramps, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Heartburn, Swelling in the legs and feet, Joint Pain or Constipation?

Massage can help with all of these!

On the emotional side, because massage engages the parasympathetic nervous system (Rest and Digest), it may be helpful for folks who are feeling anxious, suffering with depression or just feel the need for more nurturing touch.

*I have been taught ways to make your sidelying treatment way more comfortable and supported!

Massage can also be a great comfort measure when you are in labour! Usually in early to active labour, birthing folks find it calming and relaxing and a way of easing the discomfort of contractions.

The benefits continue into the postpartum period!

Some unique benefits to massage after childbirth:

It can reduce swelling.

Assist in Healing

It reduces Cortisol (a stress hormone) which is helpful for restful sleep, milk production and baby bonding.

It increases circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage which facilitates the elimination of excess fluids.

Bonus! I am an experienced babywearing momma and if you need to bring your baby to your Postpartum Massage, I welcome them! I have a playpen for them to sleep and a baby carrier to wear your sweet little bundle, if needed.

Of course, we are also Breastfeeding Friendly so if baby needs to eat while you get your treatment, go for it!

Massage Therapists work as part of your Health Care team, to preserve and maintain a healthy state of balance.

We use techniques to stimulate, soothe and improve the overall health of your body systems! Muscles, joints, cardiovascular, hormonal, nervous system, immune system and improve your body awareness!

We provide stretches and strengthening exercises to facilitate your best life!

We direct bill to most insurance companies!

Did you or do you enjoy Prenatal or Postpartum Massages?

Share your experiences in the comments!

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