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The Spirit Behind Why I am a Doula

For me, pregnancy was the beginning of a spiritual journey that I go deeper and deeper into with each passing day, as a mother.

The birth of my first born was transformative

In so many ways. It was the first time in my life that I had the knowledge and awareness that many things are

completely and utterly out of my control.

I did not surrender that easily.

What I did surrender though was the need to understand it all as it was happening. I started (and am still) learning how to lean in and just feel.

Feel the power.

Feel the strength (and weakness!).

Feel the intuitive and innate wisdom of my body as it did what it had to do.

When I birthed my son, I roared. I felt the full depths of my being rise up and the sacred knowledge of my own divinity and strength was born, as he was.

He's been my teacher, from that first moment.

This stayed with me, sometimes a quiet buzz in the background, sometimes a blaring siren in my life.

As I have gone along in my parenting journey, I have been softened in ways. I have been hardened in others. I have travelled to the depths of fatigue

and worry but also to the most dizzying heights of joy, wonder and absolute amazement.

It has been asked of me, demanded of me, needed of me to

sit down and work on my shadows and honour my light.

It's as if all the seeds of my spirit that I spent years planting and tending needed this experience, this birthing, to finally start to bloom.

For me, birth and parenting work (and it is work, please never doubt that!) has been essential to my spiritual growth and has led me on the path of authenticity, vulnerability and

the truth of who I am and who I want to be.

It has become apparent to me that the most important gift I can give my children is the gift of conscious parenting.

Of conscious living and being.

Of conscious growing and learning.

The most important gift for myself is the same.

The most important gift for the community that I choose to live in.

"There's really nothing more you need to do than:

Show up

Open Up



Be here now"

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

I am a birth doula because I believe that birth is transformative.

To bring that feeling, that awareness and my own calmness and joy into that precious space sends ripples into the lives of families.

Those minutes, hours, days of bringing your baby into this world can shape the ways in which you go forward into your parenting adventure!

I am a birth doula because in those moments, with quiet grace, I shine. I am fulfilling a purpose that feels completely aligned with who I am.

I am a birth doula because I believe that conscious parents are raising the vibrations of this earth and collectively, in small but ever growing numbers,

parents are part of a powerful shift on this planet.

We, as parents, have a responsibility to our children. To each other and to the earth.

When we find the work that fills our hearts and lights up our eyes, we need to do it.

"You promote your children's well being when you demonstrate joy that springs from your own being. When they observe you living from pure being, content

to exist as you are, they locate the capacity within themselves, and they learn to access their own joy." Shefali Tsabary

For me, that is being a birth professional. It is supporting parents. It is BEING a parent.

It is not an easy path but one worth walking.

Earlier this week, I was listening to a conversation between Oprah and John Mackay (CEO of Whole Foods). Random but something he said resonated with me

so deeply and it has rolled around in my mind every since. When asked about how his spirituality has influenced his work, he said

"I don't see a separation. My spiritual life is part of my work. My work is part of my spiritual life."

He said that his company was like his Ashram, his place of healing and I feel that one deep in my soul.

I am a mother. I am a doula. I am, becoming, more and more because of the work I do.

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