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What is Reiki and Why Do You Need It?

So, in true Amber spirit, I have been spending some time finding the silver linings of this year and one of them is that due to the lockdown, many amazing educators took their courses online, allowing access that previously wouldn't have been possible without thousands of dollars in travel, complicated childcare arrangements and a loss in income at my own business.

During the pandemic, I was able to take a course specifically in Perinatal Reiki to uplevel my current offerings!

Previously, I was attuned as a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner, which allows for in person as well as distance healing!

It was amazing to learn with folks from all over so that I could bring this level of healing to Sydney, Cape Breton!

For those who have never experienced this type of healing, make a cup of tea, get cozy and settle in so I can tell you all about it!

What IS Reiki?

Reiki is a traditional healing system that uses the divine energy of life. One translation of the word Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.

Reiki can be simply described as another complementary tool to have in your stress reduction and relaxation toolbelt.

One Reiki Master (Yelena Chizhik) describes it as

"Reiki is the union of absolute consciousness and living energy. Reiki is in every breath, yet beyond the breath. It is you and I, the perfume of jasmine blooms, the blow of the wind, the blinking charm of the star, the expanding warmth in the heart, the smile of a stranger; the water of the ocean, the blood and sweat of the body, and the mysterious intelligence behind and beyond all that is. This absolute intelligence created an amazing spiral of a sunflower and a snail shell, the magnificent complexity of the human body and the cosmos and is manifesting this very second through your heartbeat, the warmth of your skin, and the vibration of the sounds around you."

HOW Does Reiki Work?

The Reiki energy travels via the Reiki Practitioner (I always imagine myself like a conduit for life force from the universe to you!) to the client.

The energy goes to where it is needed and as needed.

I truly believe that anyone can access this energy, with mindfulness and practice and an awareness of the life force that surrounds us, is us and is in all.

What Does a Treatment Look Like?

When you book in for Reiki Treatment, you can expect to arrive to a quiet, calm and dimly lit space.

There will be music playing, chosen for you, to support your energetic body, chakras and spirit.

There may or may not be incense or sage (common Garden Sage, for this ethical and mindful United Plant Saver!) burning.

*For folks who are scent sensitive, please tell your Practitioner so they will omit this step.*

You will be left in the room to lie down on the table. There will be pillows and blankets to ensure you are cozy and comfortable.

*Reiki treatments do NOT require that you remove any clothing*

For pregnant clients, positioning will accommodate your stage of pregnancy and physical comfort.

During the session (30 minutes or 60 minutes usually), the Reiki Practitioner will move through a series of hand placements (either directly on the body or above. Please tell your practitioner beforehand what your comfort level is. I always ask my clients before starting.)

It is common for folks to feel an emotional release during treatment, or to feel different physical sensations of warmth or cold. These are all normal responses to energy moving and to simply having a safe space to unwind, to breathe deeply and to sometimes feel emotions we may have been avoiding.

Why Receive A Reiki Treatment?

Reiki is not a cure all. An honest practitioner will never claim that Reiki will cure cancer, or flip a breech baby or induce labour.

What we can say is that Reiki has been proven (in small case studies) to improve sleep, to reduce stress and specifically for pregnant folks: reduce nausea and pain perception!

You can receive Reiki to encourage optimal fetal positioning, encourage labour to progress, reduce aches and pains, to support maternal mental health and it can also be used with your new baby!

If you experience anxiety, have had previous trauma and/or just want to increase your relaxation response, Reiki may be a great choice for you!

At Amber Dawn Holistic Wellness, we have teamed up with another amazing Reiki Practitioner to offer more treatment times!

Please check out Blooming Lotus Holistic Wellness on Facebook and Instagram to book with Courtney!

For bookings with me (Amber Dawn), click here!

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