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Birthing during a pandemic is a constant exercise in changing expectations and staying up to date on current regulations.

Some changes within the last few months include (but are not limited to):

1. The return of Doulas!

Yes! As you can well imagine, this news was met with the utmost excitement from both me and my upcoming clients!!

It is so wonderful to be back on call and know that I can attend, in person, the upcoming birth of a special baby!

I have decided to keep virtual services as an option, for good and for both my Childbirth Education classes and my doula support! For those folks who are wanting to reduce contact and still receive incredible support, this option is for you!

For folks with an in person Doula, the restrictions have lifted to allow 2 support people during labour and delivery. (Not quite as good as where we were pre pandemic with 2 support people PLUS a doula but we will get there!)

2. Nitrous Oxide is back too!! This news was very well received by many soon to be birthing folks and I am thrilled to know it is offered again, for all negative Covid 19 birthing folks.

Check out this article on the use of Nitrous Oxide by Evidence Based Birth!

For further updates, check back. I will post as soon as I know information that is relevant and important!

One more update: I have made a very conscious business decision to offer all of my services on a Pay What You Can scale. (With the exception of Registered Massage Therapy)

I recognize the privilege of financial security/stability and I never want finances to be a barrier to a supported and empowered birth.

For most of my life, I would not have been able to afford a doula and that is a flaw in our system and the services we offer. I will no longer contribute to a system that values money over service.

For those with financial privilege, I ask that you consider contributing funds to support other folks in accessing quality Prenatal Care and Education, Doula Support for Birth and Postpartum.

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